Home of Customized 3D Printed Products
  1. TheTrendSetters
  2. 3D Printed Mini Cute Boat
  3. Mini ABS Gold Dragon
  4. 3D printed Dog/Puppy
  5. 3D Printed Brown Deer
  6. 3D Printed Dragon - Ultimaker: 3D Printing Timelapse
  7. Ultimaker 3 Gyro timelapse - Dual extrusion with water-soluble PVA support
  8. 3D Printed Organ by Philips - Ultimaker: 3D Printing Timelapse
  9. 3D Printing a Pangolin for #WorldPangolinDay
  10. 3D Printing Pen
  11. The Richest, Amazing Things 3D Printed